Scientific partners

AZELEAD opens its new P3 screening platform in collaboration with CEMIPAI.

Our platform, installed in a BSL3 facility measuring 360 m², allows us to study several pathogenesis models (viruses, bacteria, fungi) in vivo, using the zebrafish model. Preliminary in vitro studies can be carried out by our partner CEMIPAI, a unique and multifunctional platform dedicated to the study of human pathogens (viruses, bacteria) and the design of drugs.

AZELEAD and PhysioStim have formed a new partnership for the evaluation of cardiac disorders.

PhysioStim, a leader in cardiac electrophysiology for the past 17 years, will extend AZELEAD’s in vivo offer with its complementary in vitro and ex vivo models. This partnership initiates a unique service in Europe for the selection of an effective and non-toxic compound in the cardiac zone.

AZELEAD and CILcare have formed a new partnership for the evaluation of ototoxic disorders.

CilCARE, a leader in the evaluation of ototoxic-induced disorders, will complement AZELEAD’s in vivo screening models using zebrafish with its complementary in vivo models using mice.