After injection, ingestion or skin contact, therapeutic compounds are directly disseminated into the blood stream and distributed to all tissues through the circulatory system. As a result, blood cells are among the first to be exposed and affected by any potential toxicity. Academic studies have demonstrated that there are strong similarities between blood cell production (haematopoiesis) in humans and in zebrafish. This makes zebrafish an excellent predictive model for the identification of toxicity against haematopoiesis and the immune system in humans.

Azelead has developed Zebratox, an innovative methodology that allows for a rapid & accurate assessment of a drug’s impact on the populations of each blood cell type and on the development of the immune system. Zebratox enables an in vivo analysis of drug toxicity at each stage of drug development.

Zebratox services
Are you an expert in drug discovery or chemical compound production and do you want to know if your compounds induce toxicity? Let us support you, at any stage of your development program, through the following specific service packages:

Global Tox
– Determination of toxicity;
– Analysis of physiological check-points.
– Statistical analysis of populations for each blood cell type.
– Analysis of immune system development.